Strain of the Week – White Truffle

Indica Strain With white powdery coat, earthy tones with fruity sweetness, White Truffle relaxes ! THC – 21.54% Your “Strain of the Week” is White Truffle. […]

Strain of the Week – Essie Breath

Hybrid Strain With tones of grape and cherry cola, Essie is a tasty terpy hybrid that will leave you smiling. ! THC – 20.73% | CBD […]

Strain of the Week – Sunset Sorbet

Sunset Sorbet (Sherbert Mimosa) We’re excited to highlight a unique strain from GH Labs, “Sunset Sorbet,” that’s been making waves with our clientele for its exceptional […]

Product of the Week: The Blunt Brush

This week, we’re thrilled to introduce a truly innovative product from the ingenious minds at GH Labs – the Blunt Brush. This trailblazing tool is not […]

Product of the Week – Klear All-in-One

GH Labs has been leading the way in the cannabis industry when it comes to solventless CO2 THC extraction. Their newest creation, GH Platinum Klear disposable […]

Strain of the Week – Dante’s Inferno

A Divinely Inspired New Indica from GH! Strain of the Week – Dante’s Inferno: A Journey through the Divine Flavor of Relief “In the middle of […]